How It Went Down

by Chris Cunningham



This album contains the most recent solo compositions, studio assemblages, and musical collaborations from Chris Cunningham, a Minneapolis -based musician/composer/producer.

reviews: first and second hearing the music strikes me as clear yet mysterious, deep and sweeping, atmospheric, textured, narrative, flowing, engaging, ever-changing, rocking, haunting, well-mixed and original.

Howard Mandel- jazz critic (The Wire, Jazztimes)


released September 22, 2019

All tracks produced, mixed and engineered by Chris Cunningham
All compositions by Chris Cunningham (except where noted)
Copyright 2019 Ecstatomatic BMI

Cauchemar and Fiker Yashenfal co-written by Biruk Chegen and Chris Cunningham

Recorded indoors and outdoors in many locations, in many years, and in many ways and means

Deepest thanks and gratitude to:

Michelle Kinney
Ivan Cunningham
Ruby Kinney
Barry Reynolds
Joe Scarfone
Jeff Buckley
Jerry Agony
James White
Evan Lurie
EJ Rodriguez
Dave Reichely
Pam Fleming
Tim Otto
Poppa Johnnie
Erik Sanko
Hazrat Inayat Khan
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Omar Farouk
Ali Hafid
Dan Behrman
Lindsey Horner
Jason Crigler
Tim Hill
And many, many others


all rights reserved



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FOTHOU (Fall of the House of Usher) is:
a dark, resinous, and brutally elegant master shot of musical possibilities— lifting (with a vengeance) from many of the world's deepest groove pockets- East, West, and North African, 80's No Wave skronk, early 70's Miles, Sun Ra, and Good Old New Orleans Vampire Funk— and creating a unique and soul-twisting brand of high energy, postnational slipsync. ... more

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Track Name: Étoile Verte (Green Star)
Track Name: Ophelia's Last Procession
Track Name: How It Went Down
Track Name: Cauchemar (Nightmare)
Cauchemar (nightmare)

ህልም ነው ወይ ቅዥት? የማየው እያልክ ስትፈራ
ህልም አይደለም ቅዥት ሚታየው እውነት ነው
ተስፋ ስትቆርጥ ማየት አልፈልግም
መልካም ነገር ይሆንል ል
ጥረትን አድርግ፣ አትበል ድክም
አትበል ድክም
ሂድወደፊት ተጋዝ፣ አትበል ድክም
አትበል ድክም
አትበል ድክም
ተፍጨርጭረህ ጎንህ ያለውን ይዘህ
ነገሩ ቢምስል አስፈሪ
እሩጥ፣ ተስፋ አትቁረጥ
ጠንከር በል
ተስፋ አትቁረጥ

hilimi newi weyi k’izhiti? yemayewi iyaliki sitifera
hilimi āyidelemi k’izhiti mītayewi iwineti newi
tesifa sitik’orit’i mayeti ālifeligimi
melikami negeri yihonilihāli
t’iretini ādirigi፣ ātibeli dikimi
ātibeli dikimi
hīdiwedefīti tegazi፣ ātibeli dikimi
ātibeli dikimi
ātibeli dikimi
tefich’erich’irehi gonihi yalewini yizehi
negeru bīmisili āsiferī
irut’i፣ tesifa ātik’uret’i
t’enikeri beli
tesifa ātik’uret’i


Is it a dream or a nightmare? When you are afraid of what I see
It is not a dream it is a reality to be seen
I don't want to see you give up
It will be a good thing for you
Make the Effort, Do Not Say Weakness
Do not say that you can’t
Go ahead, don't say I can’t
Do not say that you are tired
Do not say that you are tired
Hold on to what is on your side
Even though it seems scary
Run, don't despair
Be strong
Do not give up
Track Name: Santeria
Track Name: Hypertango
Track Name: Fiker Yashenfal (Love Wins)
Fiker Yashenfal

መዋደዳችን ጥላቻን አስወግደን
ፍቅር መ ሪ ነው
ተዋደን በአንድላይ ስንኖር በ ፍቅር ሁሉም ነገር ያምራል
ውበትን ይጨምር፣ ፍቅር
ፍቅር የታገሳል፣ ቸርነትን ያውቅል
ፍቅር በጎ ያስባል
ሁሉ መልካም ይሆናል ስንዋደድ ስንተሳሰብ
ልዩነታችን አንድነታችን ነው
ፍቅር የታገሳል

mewadedachini t’ilachani āsiwegideni
fik’iri mehārī newi
tewadeni be’ānidilayi sininori be fik’iri hulumi negeri yamirali
wibetini yich’emiri፣ fik’iri
fik’iri yetagesali፣ cherinetini yawik’ili
fik’iri bego yasibali
hulu melikami yihonali siniwadedi sinitesasebi
liyunetachini ānidinetachini newi
fik’iri yetagesali


Our love is to put an end to hate
Love is merciful
When we live together, everything is beautiful in love
That is our beauty
Love is patient, recognizes goodness
Love thinks good
When we love, everything will be fine
The difference is our unity
Love is patient
Track Name: The God of Frogs
Track Name: Moundsview, MN — 1973

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